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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Quedich match

We also had a quiddich match on Saturday

Friday 12th july- Sailing at Solina lake

On Friday went sailing on Solina. We also went swimming.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

At Aqua Park in Lesko

Afternoon in Water at Lesko Aqua Park.

Drama class

Kids are very creative. Making up a sketch, dressing up and acting out is great fun. Of course, all in English.


Yesterday we had baptism. People who have never been on a camp before had to do some tusks. They had to  walk on the rocks and crawl under the rainbow and ride on a bike for  2-year kids. They also had had to eat  lemon  and sit on the balloon. Mister James was our king. He looked great.

Balloon fight

We have a water balloon fight today. The rules were simple. We were divided into two teams. One team got a balloon and had to throw it at the opponents do that it exploded and the water spilled at them. We had great fun and after the fight we were all wet.