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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Coming back

We are coming back today. We will be in Kraków in the evening between 7 and 8 pm.

Our last day Winners and prizes

In the evening we had English karaoke and then we had prizes. 4 people from 4 Age groups won Mova cups, Tosia, Marysia, Oliwia and Kinga. congratulations!

Camp Baptism

We had camp Baptism yesterday for kids who were at the camp for the first time. First they had some difficult tasks to do like crawling, jumping in a sack or eating a lemon. Then we put Water balloon over their heads and burts it. Queen Elizabeth gave them new names.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Sports day

We had a sports day today. We do a lot of funny races, we played dodge ball and baseball.


After weddings we had bonfire with sausages and then disco.

Camp weddings

On Sunday we had some marriage ceremonies.  Ms Monika was a priest. There were 5 pairs - couples. Ringu were made from plastic.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Our plans for Sunday

Sports Day, More English

Blind Date

On the 7th of July we had a Blind Date. It's  soap opera:). On the one side of a fabric there  was a person who chose one from three candidates. In the end the one person chose the winer. The winer and that person take the one of special activites. (and they must to do that activites)

Liar's Parade

Yesterday we had a Liar's Parade, a game with five groups and four liers. Three answers were bad and only one was true. We had four cards with four liters: A, B, C and D. Every team got ten sweets for start. If we thought the answer was good we put sweets on the card with this letter. If the answer was good, we got the sweet and when the answer was bad we had to gave sweets to teachers. Questions were difficult, but we had fun! Our team got eighty-six for the end, and everybody got nine or ten sweets. 

Festival kolorów- Disco

On the 8th of July We had a coloured disco outside. We threw  up the colour powders. After colour fight we had a party. We made a long train and We dance to the "chocolate" song. We dance cancan and "Socu baci vira". We had fun :)))

Mr. James got our boys to dance at last!!!!

WOW! Boys can dance!