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Monday, July 3, 2017

DAY 2 Walk at the lake

  During evening activities, we divided into two groups:
1st played football and other team games and the 2nd one went for an 'explore'.
Our first purpose was to reach the lake. As we live in the XXI century (obviously) we were taking some nice photos on the way. Here are some of them :)

Look at the lake! :)

  In the middle of our field trip, we came across a marvellous example of Polish tractor representant called "Zetor". According to what's our expert, Piotrek Lizak saying, it could had been a model from late 1980s. WOW!

Advertising the "Zetor" tractor

Oskar and Wera next to shelter built by
the Survival Group.

The inhabitants of "Gryfia-Mazury"

  The walk was so relaxing, we still had enough strenght to dance "Belgijka" and other dances.
We even made boys to dance with us :)

While dancing "Cho-co-late".

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