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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Zambia group blog posts- My day

On Saturday I went to the cafe with my best friend. We ate a fruit ice-cream. We went to the park. We saw lots of colourful birds. We went home on the bus at quarter past five pm.

On my summer holiday I went to Stężnica. We lived in the hotel Natura Park. It was Summer Mova CAmp. I was there from 26th June to 10th July. I spent a good time there. On day, we went off-road we drove by jeep. It was very fun. When we came back we wanted to do the shopping but we had to walk 6km. We bought sweets, water, juice. When we finished shopping, we went back to our hotel. In the evening we had dinner. After dinner we played football. It was a very good day. Maybe in the future I will go to Mova Summer Camp.


In July 2016 I was with my friends on Mova camp. We had a great day. We climbed a small mountaincalled Mała Rawka. This mountain is 1272 m high. I was tired because the path was very precitipous. From that mountain some people went to the mountain called Wielka Rafka. This mountai is 1307 m high. This trip was fantastic.


In the morning I playd footballwith my cousin and we had breakfast at 9.00 am. At 12 I went to the swimming poolin Piekary. NextI ate a hot-dog in the shop. In the afternoon I went to my grandparents and I had a very nice dinner there. In the evening I went to the cinemaand I watched Mision Impossible. It's a very nice film. At 10 pm I went to bed.


Last weekend I was in Warsaw. On Saturday I went to the Old Town. I sawthe monument of young insurgent and a monument of Warsaw's Siren. I saw the house of Maria Curie-Skłodowska, where she was born. In Starówka I saw Barbakan. Wrsaw Barbakan isn't pretty as Cracow's Barbakan. On Sunday I went to Łazienki park. There were lots of squirrels and they were not scared of us. On Sunday I was in Centrum Nauki KOpernik. I had lots of fun there. I saw Kopernik's space and a lot of other things. I went to the stadium . I was on top of it and in football players changing room. . Now I have a ticket to the stadium. On the last day , Monday I went to the top of the Palace and Culture and Science and to the museum of warsaw UprisingThere I saw original insurgents bands.