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Friday, November 22, 2013

25th November- Teddy Bear's Day

Have you got a teddy bear?
Everyone has a teddy bear or a plush toy.

Kinga, age : 11
My bear's name is Polarek. Santa Claus gave it to my in my first Christmas. My bear is 11 years old.When I sleep with Polarek I always have beatiful dreams...

Alicja ,age: 11
My teddy bear's name is Misiek.I bought him 3 years ago.It helps me when I am in a bad mood...

Bartek, age: 11
My teddy bear`s name is Rysio and it is one year old. I bought in a toy shop. He always lays on my bed...

Tomek, age: 10
I've got a plush seal. My seals name is Lylek. I got it from Hel (not hell). He's 6 months old. He is too young for adventures.
Photo is missing 

Alicja- techer. I've got a bear, and old, dusty plush bear with only one ear. His name is Bartek.  I got it when I was very small. Now he lives on my wardrobe.

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