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Monday, March 23, 2015

MY CAT Frodo

My cat’s name is Frodo. He’s black and he’s six. He doesn’t like to play so much, but he likes when I stroke him. Sometimes he’s very angry and when I stroke  him, he wants to bite me or scratch me with his claws. When I had fish he was sleeping next to them or he was looking at them how they swam.
He likes to go outside. But next to my house my mum is building a nursery and a kindergarten, so when he comes back from his adventure he’s all grey, not black. So I or my mum have to wash him, but he doesn’t want to be washed so that isn’t very easy. Sometimes when he comes back home he brings ticks. I love him although he’s naughty.

by Gabi K, 11 y.o.

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