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Sunday, April 26, 2015

My favourite.... book

I don't play computer games, but I read books . My favourite one it's 'House of secrets'. It's about siblings: Kordelia, Eleanor and Brendan. They moved to the new house of Denver Kristoff -unknown writer. Hose was huge. It had 3 floors. In the garden  was a huge sculpture of an bald angel without one hand. In the house was armor, antique swords and lot of  valuable things.  One day there came an old woman called Dalia Kristoff. According to Brendan's calculations she had to be one hundred years old. When he said it to his family the woman changed into the Wind Witch. The Witch sent siblings to the world of books.  They had to find the Book of  Whishes and Extermination. Children 'landed' in three different books.

by Gabi W, 12 y.o. 

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