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Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 1 - Our Arrival - texts will appear on Tuesday

In Krościenko.... Our place
This is Krościenko.  There are lots of houses in the village. There is a big church next to the Villa Alexia.  There are mountains (the Pieniny) around the village.  There is wood in the mountains.  

Villa Alexia is very big and fantastic. There are 22 rooms.
There is a big hall and a big canteen

Our staff
This is ms Edyta. She is looking after the medium group.
Ms Marcelina is looking after the youngest group.
This is the photo of miss Alexandra. She's a native speaker from Bradford in England. She's checking our english progress. She likes spaghetti and pink. Her favourite day's Friday and number 7. 
This is Ms Ola she is looking after the oldest group. She teaches us singing and music. 

Our fist day:

Today we made room-cards. They are supposed to tell who is in the room and who is those people mentor. Everybody draew their room's symbols. MY group's name is "the minecraft forest of boys", but  there are lots of other cool names too: the league of wooden om noms, mouse pysia in the forest.

Our Fun activitie in English lessons:

Flags game. 

This is game what we are playing in English lessons.
Places, where we are sitting have got names.
Someone says one name of the place and the selected person must hit (gently) the person on this place. But you can tell other seat's name and the person must hit the person on this sit.
It is fun.

Our evening:

Yesterday there was a disco. Mousim was sad because it wasn't dark.
We danced Macarena, Gangnam Style and Dear.
We played "PIF-PAF" and made chcolate in the air.
We pretended cowboys.
That was exciting.

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