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Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 4 - Monday

Sunny and rainy but fun.
Rope Course
We went to Rope Course  park. Lots of children  didn't go to high route. Only 9 pearson went there. Teachers went to zip lining over the Dunajec. Miss Alicja thinks zip linig is better than the high route. :)
1st picture Very good friends.
2nd picture going to short route.
8th picture zip linig is fun.
9th picture tall girls

Bartek, Sonia, Magda and Ms Alex were on the highest trass. The rest were on the lowest . For me it was exciting . We had to go across the ,”bridge” and jump from one “flying” square to second. It was little bit scary, but all was briliant!

Liers' Parade
It is a game- quiz- in which we guessed the right answers for some questions about Krościenko and the Pieniny. The teachers were trying to give us untrue clues. We won sweets.

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