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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 3

Sunny at last.... Sunday

Football match- Finals
After lunch we played football tournament. The pitch is near our house.
There were four teams: Argentina, Netherland, Brazil and Germany.
Brazil won third place.
Today, we're going to play final match: Netherland VS Argentina.

 Goal line technology - Bruno &  Radek

Caboom- Dodge Ball- dwa ognie
Yesterday we played a game called "caboom"- dodge ball. We played in two teams.
We threw the ball at the rivals.

 Evening- Blind date
Was the game that we were waiting for! There was a person behind the blanket (boy or a girl) that chose his love through questions ( "What will you do, when you brake a glass in restaurant?" and  " What's your favourite food?"). After choosing the pair had to choose a prize. We were laughing ALL THE TIME!!!

Football word cup finals: 
We watched the finals. It was Argentina vs Germany.  Most of the people supportedand shouted Argentina, but I (Mousim)knew Germany would win. Everyone brought some  snacks for the match. Germany won!

 Argentina supporters at 11 pm!!!! Still happy. 
 Flower wreaths - our princess

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