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Sunday, January 25, 2015

My dream destination – Georgia

My dream destination is Georgia. My mum has told me about it few times and it seems an intersting place. Below are the reasons why I want to visit this place.
Firstly, Georgia is not very far from Poland but it's really exotic ( it's located in Caucasus region of Eurasia). Palm trees grow there in natural climate and it's cheaper there than in Riviera in Italy.
Secondly, I'm interested in Georgia's culture. I really want to see Georgian men singing and traditional dances. Both of them are amazing. Men' voices are connecting into one powerful and impose to each other creating a musical canon. When Georgian women are dancing, they look like ethereal souls who are flying above the floor. This impression is enhanced by veeeeeery long braids that reach their knees and dresses full of laces.
Thirdly, Georgia has got tropical climate and it's very hot and sunny there. Grapes and pomegranates grow here on trees and bushes. If I were in this country, I would ask one of hospitable residents, could I pick one of these delicious natural wonders. I think that they let me pick an dtaste one of them.
Finally, this country is an ideal place for going sightseeing and visiting monuments. Georgia's churches and monasteries are one of the oldest Christian buildings in the world! Georgia isn't interesting only because of its history – just seat on the grass and watch clouds on clen, blue sky...
Isn't it perfect moment for dreaming about travel to this country? Maybe I'll go there one time?
by Kinga Fritz 13 y.o.

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