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Monday, May 25, 2015

My Three (or more) wishes....

The normal life of student isn't very interesting - you do homework, prepare for exams, eat, go to the toilet and sleep. Every day is THE SAME, I mean: boring. If I had a choice, I would like to wish for a couple of things...
   First of all, I'd wish for endless number of wishes, because nobody said that I can't do that. This is a little cheat, but with many wishes, I would do more good things, then if I had only three. Do you understand now? So let's move to next point.
   To start with, I'd wish, my family had good health and was happy. For example, my Granny's blind on one eye and she doesn't see anything with it. Operation costs four thousand zloty and it is too expensive for her. If she was healthier, she wouldn't have any problems with looking at us. Everyone would be happy then, including me.
   Secondly, I'd wish, I could win a Nobel Prize for Literature. Yes, yes, I know it's really a bold wish, but it's been my dream since kindergarten (or the time, when I've heard about this Prize for first time). My parents would be proud of me and my literary work and maybe finally somebody would see that I'm quite good at writing (in this moment quite).
   Thirdly, I'd wish, that at the age of eighteen, I would know as many things as the character of my favourite book, 'Jane Eyre', so that I could speak more than four languages, draw like a professional  and be as clever as her. I also wish, I would sing like Mr Rochester, he, he. It wasn't a joke, cause it's my next wish.
   Fourthly, I'd wish for an opera voice (soprano) to sing my Mum's favourite arias. Mummy LOVES opera (I think) more than me, so it'd be pleasure for both of us - she'd listen and I'd sing.
   Fifthly, I'd wish, I could control the air, so that I could fly with the wind, eclipse the fire and become invisible (for a while). Even when I was a child, I pretended that I could do that. I would be in euphoria, but this wish isn't necessary for me to be happy.
   My last wish, would make my brother, Bruno, really happy - I'd wish that Gryzusia (our mouse) didn't have bone cancer. After sudden death of Mysia-Pysia on 3rd of May, it would be a second mourning for me and my sibling.
by Kinga, 12 y.o.

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