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Monday, June 22, 2015

The hurricane disaster

One day, lat September I was on my holidays in New Zeland. I was there with my parents and two friends- Ana and Kim. It was ten o'clock and we were in a beach. 

Suddenly we saw a huge hurricane on the horizon. We were very scared. My parents said that we must run to the village and warn people. When we told people about that they started shouted and they were very, very scerd. My mum told them that they must go to their houses and weit to the end of the hurricane. Ten minutes later the hurricane arrived. There was a lot of noise. After five minutes everything became quiet.
Afterwards, we went outside. There were broken houses everywhere. People were runing and shoutung. It was a very terrible experience. It was awful too, because two people was died.
By Basia, Morocco group

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